Texnikoi is an engineering honorary for academically achieving students who are also highly involved in their campus community. The organization is committed to recognizing engineering students that present a well-rounded education by displaying extracurricular involvement, community service, and academic excellence in the College of Engineering. Once admitted, students will be pushed to develop professional social skills and relationships to aid them in their future endeavors.

An organization based on participation in activities, leadership in organizations, and service to the University and the community, the TEXNIKOI fraternity is an honorary society founded for the purpose of giving due recognition to those members of the College of Engineering who have distinguished themselves as campus leaders while maintaining, at the same time, a commendable scholastic record.Through Texnikoi’s emphasis on leadership and participation, it has always been able to select the top quality engineering students.

The number of activities participated in by a student is not necessarily indicative of his/her qualification for membership in this fraternity, but rather the manner in which he/she has assumed active leadership, administrative ability, and integrity. Texnikoi allows for only 25 new inductees each year from a variety of the engineering specializations. To be considered for membership he/she must be an engineering student at the Ohio State University with an above average cumulative GPA and a status of sophomore or above. Members will then be chosen by the amount and level of extra-curricular activity. Applications for membership are reviewed in early November each year.